You have to be careful with a wasp nest in the ground. If the wasps think their nest is threatened, they will attack en masse to defend themselves. Of course you want to avoid this. Do you want to know what to do if you are dealing with a  wasp nest in the ground ? Then read on.

How do I know for sure if I’m dealing with a wasp nest in the ground?

You don’t have to immediately call the pest controller when you see a wasp disappear into the ground. It’s a scary thought that multiple wasps could come out of that tiny hole in the ground. Especially with children playing in the garden. You can only be sure that you have a wasp’s nest in the ground if you keep an eye on that spot for a while. Is it daytime and wasps keep coming and going from this little hole in the ground? Then you have to take action.

Why do wasps build a wasp nest here?

There are hundreds of different wasp species in the Netherlands. All these wasps behave differently and have their own places where they like to build a nest. For example, there are digging wasps that burrow in the ground and lay their eggs there. They often also make use of an existing excavated burrow, such as an abandoned mouse burrow.

What should you do if you have a wasp nest in the ground?

People often have the wrong reaction when they discover a wasp nest in the ground. For example, they think that they can close the entrance to the nest with sand and that the wasps will no longer go outside. This is not effective at all. The wasps will dig themselves out again after a few minutes. Also, don’t think you can remove a wasp nest yourself with a few house methods. You don’t know what’s under the ground. This could be a colony of hundreds of wasps, all of which will attack you at once if they suspect their nest is under threat.

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Dit moet je doen bij een wespennest in de grond

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